ERP/Business Systems in the

All services are provided from a secure data centre located in Australia with 24x7 CCTV monitoring and Biometric access requirements. Sitting on multiple power grids and having an on-site backup generator along with multiple internet service providers and an advanced fire prevention system, the data centre is well equipped for handling external factors that can sometimes cause issues with IT Infrastructure.

Safe, Secure, Reliable Hosting

Within the facility the infrastructure has been designed to provide you with High Availability, this means that there is no single point of failure that will cause the systems to go offline for an extended period of time.

If the main power goes down, the facility instantly switches over to a back-up power supplier, if they both go down then the on-site generator kicks in.

If the internet service provider goes down then another provider instantly kicks in.

If the physical server that runs the dedicated virtual server environment crashes another one instantly takes over, and if a hard disk within the physical server fails, the load is instantly spread over a series of other hard disks until such time as it is replaced.

All of this occurs without human intervention and with minimal impact to the service being delivered. With this in mind the service we offer is not only secure but provides you with a level of redundancy that typically cannot be provided when setting up an internal IT infrastructure.

Regular backups are taken of the environment to allow us
to restore your system back to a point in time prior to any
file or record deletion that a user or software related issue
may create. These backups are also transferred off-site to
provide yet another level of redundancy.

Disaster recovery is often overlooked in on-premise
deployments: with SAP Business One OnDemand it is
handled for you automatically.

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